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Project Estimation Technique

There are several estimation technique which differs based on project to project.
Some of the technique are:
1.    Expert Suggestion 2.    Historical Data 3.    Function Points 4.    Story Points
5.    Lines of Code 6.    COCOMO 7.    Use Case Points 8.    Wideband delphi 9.    Test case point  10.  Parkinson Law 

Expert Suggestion This is mos widely used technique.In this estimation technique, you have to rely on his expert experience.Based on his domain and technical capabilities he estimates things for multiple iterations until reached on some consensus.
Historical Data Based on data available for similar project which has been delivered earlier.You have to compare if somewhat similar project has been completed earlier, approximately same amount of estimate will be for this project as well.
Function Points In this Estimate technique we take multiple factors for deciding estimation.
Input Output Internal Queries External Queries

based on no of input, output, enquiries, reading/writing…