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Things to check while Code Review in Java

Code review is important part of any application. Some time we avoid doing it due to time constraints or lack of resource availability but if we do it in practice it pays off very well in terms of quality & maintainability of code.
    We have to look for couple of things while code review & i will try to explain most of them here.
Functionality This is most important part in code review that code is functional as required. Requirement is completely addressed by code or not.
Logging & readability Code should be readable. It should be formatted properly like indentations & space should be proper and as matches as per set convention.proper comment should in place to understand code as well as for debugging perspective.
Naming & other java as well client as Standards you should follow naming standards as prescribed in java.Apart from industry standards we should take care of client coding standards if there are any.
Performance Performance checking is difficult to measur…