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Start with Internet of things - IOT for java

What exactly Internet of things (IOT) is & its awesome uses
Its been now a talk of town for a while. now a days all around we are listing term IOT which feels like a science fiction movie. Hold on now its no more science fiction as we already in era where we are have so many things which were earlier science fiction but now available to common people like reaching to different planets or could be finger print & eye scanner.
     So Internet of things a.k.a IOT is basically a network of things or object which could be a car or a house or an AC or a fridge or an oven or heater or house door or could be any gadget which has embedded chip or circuit or sensors. These IOT connected device can exchange data from each other or you can say talk to each other communicate to each other.Application of these of network could be very useful & fascinating at same time.
     As per Gartner will be nearly 20.8 billion devices on the internet of things by 2020. one research says more than …