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Grails Sample App Step By Step

                                                               GRAILS from Start…

Download and Install jdk 1.7, Grails 2.4
JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_75
Run cmd
echo %JAVA_HOME%
Java -version
grails –version

There is no need to setup Groovy separately as it comes with Grails

When we just type grails grails.bat will run inside bin which will call startGrails.
grails [command name]
grails creat-app helloworld
| Created Grails Application at D:\GrailsApps\helloworld

Cd into helloworld and start interactive console by Grails
Interactive mode is the a feature of the Grails command line which keeps the JVM running and allows for quicker execution of commands. To activate interactive mode type 'grails' at the command line and then use TAB completion to get a list of commands:

grails create-app com.amit.grails.guestbook  and go inside directory
grails run-app

Configuring classpath
| Error Resolve error obtaining dependencies: Failed to read artifact descripto
 for xalan:serializer:jar:2.7.1 (Use --stacktrace to see the full trace)

| Configuring classpath
| Error No proxy configuration found for name: host. Please add a proxy with add-proxy first.

| Configuring classpath
Usage: grails add-proxy [name] --host=[server] --port=[port] --username=[username]* --password=[password]* --noproxy=[no|proxy|hosts]*
Example: grails add-proxy client --host=proxy-server --port=4300 --username=guest --password=guest --noproxy=somehost|*

| Added proxy client to C:\Users\admin\.grails\ProxySettings.groovy

| Proxy set to [client]

D:\GrailsApps>cd com.birlasoft.grails.guestbook

| Loading Grails 2.4.4
| Error There was an error loading the BuildConfig: For input string: "true" (Use --stacktrace to see the full trace)


Though i use proper proxy details, it is inserting entries in
as shown below.

client=['http.proxyHost':true, 'http.proxyPort':true, 'http.proxyUser':true, 'http.proxyPassword':true, 'http.nonProxyHosts':'']

client=['http.proxyHost':'', 'http.proxyPort':'80', 'http.proxyUser':'', 'http.proxyPassword':'', 'http.nonProxyHosts':'']

made modification in C:\Users\admin\.grails\ProxySettings.groovy

grails run-app  --stacktrace – verbose

its running….    

stop the server via Ctrl+C

create Domains
grails create-domain-class com.birlasoft.grails.guestbook.Feedback
grails create-domain-class com. birlasoft.grails.guestbook.User
grails create-domain-class com. birlasoft.grails.guestbook.Comment

create controllers:
grails generate-controller com.vogella.grails.guestbook.Feedback
grails generate-controller com.vogella.grails.guestbook.User
grails generate-controller com.vogella.grails.guestbook.Comment

Make changes for scaffolding in controllers.

In place of index put  def scaffold = [your domain]

//def index(Integer max) {
     //   params.max = Math.min(max ?: 10, 100)
     //   respond User.list(params), model:[userInstanceCount: User.count()]
            //!!!!!!Added for Scafolding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    def scaffold = User

Do this for all controllers and run app via
Run-app  --stacktrace –verbose

Way to configure Proxy Settings in Eclipse IDE

1)      Open Eclipse IDE, select “Window –> Preferences”
2)      In Preferences window, choose “Network Connections”.
3)      Select “Manual” from Action Provider drop down.
4)      Select Http and click “Edit” button
5)      Put proxy server and port, username and passwords are optional.


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