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Git command handout

Rebase from master
$ gitk --simplify-by-decoration refload_1_0_1_0 refload_1_0_3_0 refload_1_0_2_0 refload_1_0_1_0

Get remote repositry
git remote -v

If needed  a copy of code to work in that (similar svn checkout)
clone:  git clone git@yourserver:repository/abc.git

if want to switch to create new branch of git ( first clone complete repository as above then checkout)
checkout:  git checkout -b abc_9_18_0_0
checkout:  git checkout  abc_9_18_0_0  (if want to checkout to existing git branch)

if want to add files to index
add:  git add -A   (for adding all files)

want to check status of repository ( if any non traced file is  present)
status : git status -s

want to commit 
commitgit commit -m 'message for commit for tracking purpose'

want to push code to branch
push: git push origin abc_9_18_0_0  (don't put semicolon otherwise whole branch will get delete instead)

want to get updated code from existing repository
pull: git pull

want to see all branches (remote & local)
branch: git branch -a (all branches) or git branch --all
branchgit branch -r  (only remote branch)
branchgit branch --list   (to see all local branch with current branch as *)

want to delete any branch locally and remotely
checkout to master
checkout :git checkout master
delete local: git branch -d abc_9_18_0_0
delete remote: git push origin  :abc_9_18_0_0

want to check repository path
git remote show origin

Want to replace local with remote branch

Reset: git reset --hard origin/master
Assuming that "origin/master" is your remote branch you want to reset to. This updates your local HEAD branch to be the same revision as origin/master, and --hard will sync this change into the index and workspace as well.will remove modifciation present in local

amitg@VDC-SYN-DEV-10 ~/Workspaces/GGTSWorkspace/refload_api (moms_7_2_0_1)
git reset --hard origin/moms_7_2_0_1
fatal: Unable to create 'h:/Workspaces/GGTSWorkspace/refload_api/.git/index.lock': File exists.
$ rm --force ./.git/index.lock

Want to jusr unstage local changes just before comit without removing any chnagegit reset (inside that branch & not hard or any other argument)

Git sync local repositry and overrite remote repositrygit fetch --prune/ -p which deletes your local branch, if its corresponding remote branch is deleted

Abort Merging
git merge --abort

Remove untracked files and untracked directories from the current directory.
git clean -xfd --dry-run if okay then git clean -xfd

# Undo changes in tracked files
git reset --hard

Match local branch to remote barnch
git reset --hard origin/moms_7_2_0_0

create branch from another branch

1.Checkout or change into "branch1"

     git checkout branch1

  1. Now create your new branch called "subbranch_of_b1" under the "branch1" using the following command.
    checkout to branch deom which you want to create subbranch & then do below    
    git checkout -b subbranch_of_b1 branch1

Visulaize Git log tree
git log --oneline --abbrev-commit --all --graph --decorate --color

Merging and taging after release

1.          git checkout master
2.          git pull origin master
3.          git merge mags_9_5_1_0--
4.          git push origin master
5.          git branch –d mags_9_5_1_0
6.          git push origin  :mags_9_5_1_0
7.          git tag –a “mags_9_5_1_0” –m “Release branch mags_9_5_1_0 merge with master”
8.          git push --tags


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